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The Jumpy Zone is open to guests 12 and under and parents who want to play with their children. (NOTE: Children must be 34" or taller to enter an inflatable. This height recommendation is now being enforced by the State of Ohio Amusement Ride Division. It is not the decision of Jumpy's Fun Zone. We do have a toddler area for smaller children to interact and play.)

A signed waiver is required to enter the Jumpy Zone. (To speed up your check in, you can download the waiver now and bring it with you.)

The Jumpy Zone features 4 giant inflatables to bounce in, race through, and slide down and 1 toddler inflatable.

Our huge obstacle course is the perfect family-friendly competition.  Maybe it's time to race Dad or one of your friends and see who is the fastest once and for all.

The giant crocodile will keep the kids busy for hours.  Crawl into the mouth and go through the maze.  Finish by sliding down the tail.


All of our inflatables are licensed and inspected by the Department of Agriculture - Amusement Ride Division.  Jumpy's Fun Zone has staff to monitor and operate the inflatables, but we do require parents to remain with their children and monitor their children while they ride the inflatables. Socks are required to ride an inflatable and a waiver form must be signed when purchasing a pass to the Jump Zone.

You also never know when Jumpy is going to show up and pose for pictures. Jumpy is a kid favorite and loves to give hugs and high fives.

The State of Ohio Amusement Ride Division is enforcing the height rule so children under 34" are not allowed in the inflatables, even if accompanied by an adult.  There is no charge for children under 34" to enter the Jumpy Zone and play in the toddler area.

Jumpy Zone passes are only $9.00 per child and adults are free to play with their children and monitor their children while in the Jumpy Zone.  The Jumpy Zone is only $7.00 when purchased with a game of laser tag.  The Jumpy Zone is only open to children 12 and under except during published special events. Please check the Hours Page to find the next open jump time.