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"Your pulse quickens as the countdown begins...5...You enter the arena, finding your way through a fog filled industrial warehouse...4...You locate your base and your team assembles with you...3...You have only seconds to devise a plan...2...You see someone heading your way...1...They have attacked! Lasers cut through the fog and you duck for cover!  As you return laser fire your team scrambles and leaves you alone.  You stand and walk towards the attackers, firing lasers at anything that moves!"

Enjoy an exhilarating adventure in Miami Valley's newest and best laser tag arena!  We feature more square feet per player than any arena in Dayton or the Miami Valley. Our arena was custom designed for fast and exciting game play. We feature an open floor plan with many obstacles but not too many that you feel like your lost in a maze of walls. We also have a multi level playing arena with raised platforms in each corner allowing you to secure the high ground and protect your base or launch attacks on your opponents.


Your experience begins with a quick briefing. In the briefing room you will be instructed by our friendly staff on how to use the equipment, play the game by tagging an opposing vest to score points, how to destroy bases and outposts and any instructions specific to the game format you are playing.  After all questions have been answered and all players understand the game, a few safety rules will be covered and the teams are formed. 



Now it's time to vest up and start the action! The vesting room is the last stop before entering the arena to play the ultimate high tech game. The Laser Tag Marshal will help everyone put on their laser tag vests.  The vests go on like a coat and buckle in the front.


Jumpy's Laser Zone arena resembles an abandoned industrial warehouse with broken pipes, hazardous spills and steel girders in a fog filled arena. This professionally-themed one-of-a-kind arena plays and looks like no other arena in the U.S. Designed specifically for Jumpy's Fun Zone, this arena offers distinct playing levels, team bases, and outposts. The arena was designed with larger open areas to avoid becoming a "maze" of walls.



Upon completion of your adventure you can check out the scoreboard to see who has earned bragging rights. The system scoreboard shows real-time play-by-play game events and statistics during the adventure and summarizes the game results displaying the total team scores, individual scores and ranking of each player. For even more details, such as who you tagged, your hit ratio and accuracy ranking, pick up your individual scorecard at the Laser Zone counter. 

For those who wish to watch the adventure, we have a 46" HDTV outside the arena showing all the action taking place inside!

Each laser tag experience is only $8.00 or 2 games for $14 (played by the same person on the same day.) The games take approximately 15 minutes from the beginning of the training session until you view your score.  Please check open play times on the Hours page for laser tag games.  The Laser Zone is open to children 5 and older.

Laser tag is not available Wednesdays 4 p.m. - 8 p.m and Fridays 4 p.m - 10 p.m. due to NERF WARS.