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Our next Youth Group Night is Monday, April 22 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Call Lori at 552-9008 option 1 to register your youth group.

Jumpy's Fun Zone offers Christian Youth Group night at least once a month.  We turn up the music, turn on some party lights and have a blast worshipping, playing games and meeting new friends.  We typically invite 4 youth groups to the event and ask one church to "host" the event and perform a short devotional to start the night. Jumpy's is closed to the general public during Youth Group events.

To schedule your youth group at Jumpy's Fun Zone contact Lori Turner at 937-552-9008 option 1.

Below is a link to our Youth Group flyer you can print and use at your church.

Youth Group Flyer

Blank Youth Group Flyer 1

Blank Youth Group Flyer 2